Launching a new company in the USA

How we helped a British drone business coordinate a brand, company and product launch across the Atlantic.


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones)


Consortiq had established a drone training business in the UK and was looking to raise investment capital to develop its drone management software and expand into the USA.

How We Helped:

We worked closely with the founders over a 3-month period to understand their vision and aspirations before publishing a tailored Growth Strategy to present to an angel investor and his board of directors.

This comprehensive report included the following: Market Research, Competitor Analysis, Go-to-market strategy, Business readiness report, Target operating model, Recruitment timetable, Implementation plan, and an Investment schedule.



The investment was informally agreed on the evening of the presentation and as a result, Consortiq was able to open a US office shortly afterwards. This was followed by a product launch at an international trade show (AUVSI) in Dallas, Texas. A period of product development and pipeline building followed before the team were able to start closing deals with the likes of the BBC, NBC, Marathon  Petroleum, Exelon Energy and Transport Canada.

Key Learning Points:

  • 1

    Do your homework before pitching to investors

  • 2

    Link investment with key milestones

  • 3

    Think big but be realistic about short-term revenue forecasts

  • 4

    Keep a close eye on your monthly burn rate

  • 5

    Look for experienced hires in key positions

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